Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Wire Thicket - Dust, Static

Label: Students Of Decay
Format: 3"Cd-r
Released: 2006

Wire Thicket is the duo of Alex Cobb (aka Taiga Remains) and David Kirby, who released their debut 's/t' cd-r on pseudoarcana (which you can still purchase here) later that year they released The dust, Static 3"cd-r on Alex Cobb's own label Students Of Decay. This release consists of two tracks. the first, a 16 minute venture into beautifully ecstatic and full sounds that feel as though they are constantly rising. this has your full attention throughout, like when a storm rages outside and you can't leave the window. the second track for me is the aftermath of the first. dying static crawling beneath subtle notes. it feels like coming back round, and everything opening up again.


1  Dust, Static (16:03)
2  Brilliant Dead Highways: Revisited (5:37)



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