Saturday, 19 January 2008

Sabu Orimo - Ichi-On

Subjective Spirit Sound
Format: Cd-r
Released: 2006

Sabu Orimo is a man in his early 20's with an absolutely mind blowing talent for playing the shakuhachi. The first time i heard his music was upon my friend's purchase of both ichi-on and susabu, and i couldn't believe what i was hearing. he quickly became one of my most played artists, and even now i am amazed each time i hear him. whether it be him furiously bashing his shakuhachi down on the floor screaming, or playing at his absolute quietest, his music is just as beautiful and intense throughout all of his releases.
ichi-on was the first of his i heard, and to anyone who has not heard anything from him already, i believe this is a great place to start. As far as i am aware (and with good reason) none of his releases are available anywhere, and if any of you have the solo shakuhachi  ii tape then please let me know. i am dying to hear it

"Second release by Sabu Orimo and another tour-de-force. Still unlike his previous outing, since it is a more intimate recording than its predecessor. Here, Sabu delicately exerts deep mesmerizing tones that balance on the edge of drone and the sound of a summer breeze after a tropical thunderstorm. Still he continues, be it in a less extroverted manner, around delicate gravities of a growling hiss which allows for environmental aspects of the recorded space to creep into the mix, filling the perimeters with atmospheric warmth and depth that stretches the perpendicular distance from the exerted chords to the farthest point of the arched surface he moves about. This gets especially poignant on “Yure” where the allegorical nimbly splattering of the rain supply the ideal backdrop for his instrument to fully blossom. Sabu radiates throughout the disc, tip-toeing on the razor's edge between full blown rage and mesmerizing meditative silence. Truly highly recommended and it fills me with joy and hope to hear and see such a talented new player on the scene since he will only get better and better. Massive!!!" - tiliqua records

1 地声 (7:31)
2 ゆれ (9:41)
3 ゆり (9:36)
4 狼 (4:51)
5 森 (29:15)



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