Saturday, 19 January 2008

Thuja - Ghost Plants

Label: Emperor Jones
Format: CD
Released: 2002

firstly, thuja are quite possibly my favourite group of musicians. i have an amazing amount of awe for what they have created (and for what they are still creating) both in collaborations and individually. 'Ghost Plants' is the second record by thuja released in 2002. as one might expect, most of their releases are now out of print, but you can still purchase 'all strange beasts of the past' from emperor jones.

"Ghost Plants is as savory and involved as improv music gets. It isn’t a sound effects record but should be. There are piano, guitar, percussion, electronics and other shit mingling freely but in a cohesive way." - emperor jones

1 Untitled (1:16)
2 Untitled (2:35)
3 Untitled (3:10)
4 Untitled (2:03)
5 Untitled (3:42)
6 Untitled (8:09)
7 Untitled (2:26)
8 Untitled (1:10)
9 Untitled (3:29)
10 Untitled (2:38)
11 Untitled (1:54)
12 Untitled (4:00)
13 Untitled (2:31)



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Anonymous said...

nice start. this is a good one.