Sunday, 20 January 2008

Aaron Rosenblum - The Hills Are Really Homes

Hank The Herald Angel
Format: Cd-r
Released: 2002

Okay, so i'm unable to find the artwork or a decent review anywhere, but i can tell you a little about this release. 'The Hills Are Really Homes' is released on Son Of Earth member Aaron Rosenblum's own label (where you can also currently purchase his fantastic 'Among The Jackdaws' cd-r), and consists of five short tracks bound together with recurring field recordings of whirrs and storms, and woven guitar melodies (of which i would say hold a more dominant role in this record than any other of his i have heard). i am one for keeping my feelings on music to myself, so all i will say to close this is just listen. this really is a beautiful record.


1 Moving Side by Side with the Land (4:38)
2 You Smile While Trouble Is Coming (3:01)
3 Please Give Me the Keys for Heaven (The Famous Delta Haze) (3:22)
4 There Are Only 4 Days Remaining (But The Seventh One I Will Take For Myself) (1:29)
5 A Person Named What Have You Remained For (Ghost With The Most) (3:47)



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