Sunday, 20 January 2008

Ghost Brames Of The Cerf's Magickal - For Ever Hang Thy Dreamy Spell, Round Mountain Star And Heather Bell

Label: Ruralfaune
Format: 3" Cd-r
Released: 2006

for me, this record is the soundtrack to many wonderful evenings since i first got hold of it. sitting and being lulled into places of your own imagination by the beautiful chord organ drones, and these two repeating guitar notes just pinning you there throughout till the pieces chaotic end. i urge you all to keep an eye out for more Ghost Brames releases. their static aero cd-r on leaf trail was one of my favourite records last year, and you can still buy it now.

"Having lifted the title of this majestic 3” CD-R from Anne Brontë’s poem “Memory,” this newly formed French duo aim to recreate the innocence of childhood as filtered through the human mind’s imperfect memory. Florian Tositti (The Reggaee) and Jacob Garet (undisputed master of the ‘Magick Skull of Noise,’ whatever that may be) have created the perfect 21-minute prescription for losing touch with the present and rediscovering the purity of unsullied youth. Multiple looped guitar patterns are interwoven and laid upon a blanket of drone, while a flute dances carelessly overhead. Frequent crescendos are followed by the development of new musical ideas, proving that GBCM (a fitting acronym, no?) are adept at creating engaging long form soundscapes. This is indeed another stunning release for the Ruralfaune label, an imprint that continues to explore fresh terrain in the global psychedelic underground. Cheers to them for discovering the spellbinding sounds of GBCM." - bryon hayes (foxy digitalis)


1 ForFor Ever Hang Thy Dreamy Spell, Round Mountain Star And Heather Bell (21:33)




Dubwise said...

Hello Cmeha,

My blog was also recently inspired by DSFD's less admirable qualities. I post in-print and out of print stuff, but not full albums. Check it out and we can trade links if you want.

cmeha said...

hello there.
i like what you're doing, and i loved the 'life is a problem...' record on mississippi you posted about. they're doing great things. did you get hold of their 'i don't feel at home in this world anymore' compilation? it's really fantastic.

and yes, lets trade links.

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