Thursday, 24 January 2008

Taiga Remains - Moon Colored Dogs

Label: Students Of Decay
Format: 3" CDR
Released: 2005

two part 3" cdr released by taiga remains (alex cobb) on students of decay which had a very limited run of 50 copies. an overriding tension emerges and dissipates throughout these two pieces, incorporating just organ and strings with the most arresting of results. the sounds here make me feel as though i'm free-falling in some kind of rapturous descent; and once the second part ends, in my mind it continues, developing and shifting far beyond its 8 and a half minute duration. awesome.

foxy digitalis review:-

"...'Moon Colored Dogs' is a two-part sonic excursion into freezing Siberian waters, sunkissed and invigorated. Part one of this journey is a dense and methodic drone in the spirit of Birchville Cat Motel. It is like watching the sun first pierce the horizon on a perfect, snowy dawn. Shimmering guitars and subtle melodica notes fill the air, keeping you warm on this glacial surface. Cobb layers each instrument perfectly, creating something so dense that you can't help but be enveloped. It's quite an impressive introduction to the monster that is Taiga Remains. As good as the first part is, part two ups the ante. An overwhelming sense of melancholy wraps itself around "Moon Colored Dogs (part 2)." The guitars here sound like a swarm of bees making their way across the open expanses of the mid-Western United States. Underneath flows a river of organ drones that add organic magic to the proceedings. Again, Birchville Cat Motel is a jumping off point, but the somewhat abrasive nature to these sounds also remind me of the UK's mighty Vibracathedral Orchestra. Either way, this is an excellent and impressive debut from what will surely become one of the Rust Belt's finest. Recommended." - Brad Rose


Moon Colored Dogs (Part 1)
Moon Colored Dogs (Part 2)


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