Monday, 18 February 2008

Various Artists - Radio Phnom Penh

Label: Sublime Frequencies
Format: CD
Released: 2005

thought i would further diversify this blog by posting one of the best compilations to yet come out of sublime frequencies. the music here is infectious and that which leaves me revelling in all its multi-faceted glory. a must hear!

"Rebel Guitars, Assorted Dialects, Heat-Stroke Synthesizers, and thats just a taste of this diverse assortment of Cambodian musical treasures you’ve NEVER heard before. Flowing from traditional to Modern, from rock and pop to folk and hybrid, all sequenced in the spirit of how it was captured: as radio programming designed to immediately transport you into the heart of Cambodia’s Capital."


Don't Want to Let You Go
Multi-Pop Indigenous
Blondie in Khmer Camouflage
Street Guns and Studio Drums
Synthesizers East of Siam
Indefinite State of Emergency
Phnom Penh on the Seine
Bubble Gum Independence
Rebel Guitars in Strange Dialect
Shiny Radio in a Blind Man's Wallet
Re-Mixed Culture or: The Graffiti Walls of Angkor Wat
Condoms and Condors
Sign-Off/The Venerable Anthem


Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Masayoshi Urabe / Chie Mukai - Dual Anarchism

Label: Siwa
Format: LP
Released: 2002

Masayoshi Urabe : alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, bass block floten, alto block floten, electric guitar, harmonica, chains, bamboo harmonica, metal joints, bell, action.

Chie Mukai : kokyu (er-hu), vocals, piano, kengali, cymbals, bells, tambourine, toys, action.

An LP of music culled from performances recorded over a ten year period and edited by Masayoshi Urabe. A companion video containing different audio material was also produced by the Japanese 'There' label and an artists edition boxed set combining the LP and video was released in an edition of 20.

contains some breathtaking shifts in dynamic with its title offering a most perfect description of the aural conflict within, a very special record indeed.


A Dual Anarchism Part 1 (22:57)
B Dual Anarchism Part 2 (23:23)


Saturday, 9 February 2008

Hush Arbors - Live, Heeley Institute, Sheffield, England

Label: Backest Rainbow
Format: Cd-r
Released: 2007

A wonderful live set from Keith Wood recorded in october of 2006 in sheffield. released on blackest rainbow in a handnumbered edition of 101 copies.


1 May All Your Pastures Now Spring With Herbs
2 Where The Black Bear Hides In The Sky
3 The Light
4 Bless You Girl
5 Bones Of A Thousand Suns
6 Oar Of Bone
7 Mr. Bones See's The Sea Again
8 Broken Bones



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