Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Masayoshi Urabe / Chie Mukai - Dual Anarchism

Label: Siwa
Format: LP
Released: 2002

Masayoshi Urabe : alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, bass block floten, alto block floten, electric guitar, harmonica, chains, bamboo harmonica, metal joints, bell, action.

Chie Mukai : kokyu (er-hu), vocals, piano, kengali, cymbals, bells, tambourine, toys, action.

An LP of music culled from performances recorded over a ten year period and edited by Masayoshi Urabe. A companion video containing different audio material was also produced by the Japanese 'There' label and an artists edition boxed set combining the LP and video was released in an edition of 20.

contains some breathtaking shifts in dynamic with its title offering a most perfect description of the aural conflict within, a very special record indeed.


A Dual Anarchism Part 1 (22:57)
B Dual Anarchism Part 2 (23:23)



P a n c h o said...

Thank for this!

Anonymous said...

Anyone have his double solo LP "A Brute"? Would love to hear that.