Sunday, 6 April 2008

Son Of Earth-Flesh On Bone Trio - S/T

Label: Apostasy Recordings (AP007)
Format: CDR
Released: 2001

long out of print release consisting of three full early live shows.
originally packaged in shortened manilla envelopes, each with unique artwork.


As If We Are A Number (A Stone For John Shaw's Beard)
(Pilgrims) Spirit Blanket
Dream Of A New Mountain


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Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for doing what you do. Lot of cool, cool stuff here (TSN and Son Of Earth being particular, hard-to-get-hold-of faves).
Bone Mallow is a regular (and OOP means guilt-free) haunt.
I live in Glasgow, and a lot of the records here have passed through the portals of Volcanic Tongue, but often very quickly and with no hope of a re-press. So once again, thanks.